Meet the World’s Safest Watch for Kids: The Gabb Watch

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Gabb’s Mission

Gabb Wireless is on a mission to create safe tech for kids by providing age-appropriate tech solutions to protect kids, connect families, educate and empower parents, and encourage life outside of the screen.

The Gabb Z1

Since their launch in August of 2018, Gabb has successfully built the first cellular network and cell phone just for kids after raising $120,704 in an Indiegogo campaign in June of 2019.

Their phone, the Gabb Z1, was the first cell phone designed to look just like a smartphone, but only have the functionality of a cell phone: no internet, no app store, no video games, no social media, and no picture messages.

The Gabb Z2

Just one year later, they self-funded and released their second product, the Gabb Z2, which was a higher quality phone with one additional feature that was critical for kid safety—GPS tracking. The Gabb Z2 also gives parents the option to enable group texts and picture messaging for kids who are prepared to use those features appropriately.

What’s Next for Gabb?

Now, in June 2021, Gabb is pleased to announce the third product in their arsenal—the Gabb Watch.

The Gabb Watch

The Gabb Watch is the kid-safe device that triples as a phone, GPS tracker, and interactive smartwatch.

How the Gabb Watch Protects Kids

Kids have the right to be protected and feel safe wherever they go. Parents have the right to peace of mind for their child’s safety. The Gabb Watch enables these rights with several key features:

Reliable GPS and Tracking

With the Gabb Watch and the My Gabb App, parents will have the ability to monitor their child’s real-time location, 24/7.

Custom Safe Zones

Within the My Gabb App, parents will also be able to set perimeters around specific locations (ex. Their home, their child’s school, the local park, etc.) and be notified whenever their child enters or leaves a Safe Zone.

Custom Contacts

The Gabb Watch allows up to 10 contacts which can be preconfigured by parents in the My Gabb App. Any phone call or text message that comes from a number other than these 10 contacts will be blocked.

SOS/Emergency Contact

Parents are also able to set 1 emergency contact in the My Gabb App. A child can make an emergency call at any time with an easy-access button. The emergency contact will immediately be notified through the My Gabb App that the SOS has been activated.

How the Gabb Watch Connects Families

Connecting with family and friends, both in person and through technology, is key to a happy life.  The Gabb Watch connects families with these essential features:


As mentioned above, kids will be able to call 1 of 10 preconfigured contacts at any time (except when the watch is in Lock Mode; which is discussed below). Parents and kids can work together to update the 10 custom contacts whenever necessary, helping parents stay in-the-know on the most important people in their child’s life.


Kids will also be able to text 1 of 10 preconfigured contacts at any time with voice messaging (voice recordings up to 20 seconds), preset text messages (up to 15 custom messages configured in the My Gabb App), and emojis (🎉🎊🥳). As with calling, messaging is also disabled during Lock Mode.

How the Gabb Watch Empowers Parents and Encourages Life Outside the Screen

As parents, it’s our responsibility to not only provide age-appropriate technology for our kids, but to teach them healthy tech habits that will set them up for success, now and in the future. Here is how the Gabb Watch can empower parents and encourage life outside of the screen:

Gabb Go

Pre-installed in the new Gabb Watch, Gabb Go is an interactive game that encourages kids to be productive and stay active. By completing custom tasks (configured by parents in the My Gabb App), caring for their digital pet, and counting their daily steps, kids can earn coins to unlock additional Gabb Go experiences.

Lock Mode

Parents will also have the ability to lock the Gabb Watch at any time (ex. While their child is at school, church, soccer practice, etc.) from the My Gabb App. When the watch is in Lock Mode, kids will only be able to make or receive SOS/emergency calls and messages with their emergency contact and will not be able to access Gabb Go.

Gabb VIP

With the Gabb Watch, kids get access to VIP experiences that inspire them to live beyond the screen (ex. An additional 30 minutes of free jumping at Defy Extreme Air Sports, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, and half-off night tickets at Brighton Ski Resort).

Only Essential Features

Calling, messaging, GPS, custom contacts, Safe Zones: with all of the essential features, and without the extra addictive distractions, kids will have more time to be kids and do cool stuff.

How Much Does the Gabb Watch Cost?

The best part is the Gabb Watch is only $99.99 with 3 different pricing options for unlimited talk and text: $9.99/month for 2 years; $12.99/month for 1 year; or $16.99/month for a month-to-month contract.

Current Gabb customers can pre-order the Gabb Watch starting Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 and pre-orders will be available to the general public on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021.

Maxwell Hill

Content Marketer at Gabb Wireless

Even though the Gabb Phone™ is marketed as a "safe phone for kids," Maxwell started using one in December of 2019 (at the age of 24) in order to live a more intentional, less distracted life. As a content marketer for Gabb Wireless, he regularly writes blog articles to help parents and kids navigate the complexities of our device-saturated world.

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