Too Much Technology Too
Soon is Too Dangerous

Gabb Wireless Keeps Kids Safe

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The Gabb Solution

So what’s the benefit of Gabb?
Help kids stay kids! Prevent the harmful effects of screen addiction.
Engineered for kids—guaranteed protection from apps and dangerous content.
Just the essentials—phone, texting, calendar, alarm and calculator.
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Coverage available in the lower 48 states

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The perfect package for kids:

Gabb Basic

Unlimited Talk & Text


Plan Phone

Z1 Gabb Phone


Kid Safe Features
  • No Internet
  • No Games
  • No Social Media
  • No App Store
  • No Picture Messages
  • No Group Text
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What People Are Gabbing About

  • Samantha W. — Fishers, IN
    “My daughter has had hers since you launched nationally in September. She is almost twelve and in sixth grade and this phone has been such a blessing to us. It has everything she needs without any of the added distractions that we didn’t want in a phone. I LOVE that she can communicate with me anytime, as well as her extended family and friends. I mostly love that once she’s done sending a text, she can put it away because there are no other distracting games or apps on it! She’s not constantly on her phone which is amazing!!! It’s such a great device for kids and teens! I was just telling a friend tonight all about our daughter’s Gabb phone and how much we love it!”

  • Ashley M. — Seattle, WA
    “The Gabb phone has filled a void in the cellphone industry that desperately needed filling. Kids today have a need to be connected, but big tech industries have failed children and their families by not providing legitimately safe options! Thank you for finally giving parents a good option! It allows my child to feel connected in a safe way. ”

  • Jessica M. — Bolivia, NC
    “As a teacher, I was thrilled to find out about Gabb Wireless! It gives me hope in knowing there are other concerned adults out there that want something better for this generation! I am hopeful that parents and guardians will see the importance of keeping their child’s mind safe! Thank you, Gabb Wireless! I truly hope the best for your entrepreneurial journey and mission!” Read more

  • Chariti S. — Syracuse, UT
    “When I first saw an ad for Gabb Wireless I knew right away it was the answer. I don’t want my son to be exposed to social media, addiction, and bullying. He’s too young to deal with that. This world gets really hard, really fast and I’m more than happy to keep it simple for my kids, as long as I can. ” Read more

  • Carla M. — Dallas, TX
    “The phone I ordered for my 10 year old son just arrived and I am beyond thrilled. As a parent who worries about online dangers kids face today, getting him this as his first phone was a no brainer. Kudos to the awesome dad who saw the need and made this happen!”

  • Kristin B. — Le Mars, IA
    “In all the work I do with high schoolers, I have yet to see a situation where having a phone created a benefit or even had a neutral impact on mental health and relationships. I don’t envy our kids in this world of hyper-connectivity. I am SO glad someone has finally done this. Long overdue, so this is the first time I’ve ever considered a phone for my kids! THANK YOU!”

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