Why Gabb

As they get older, kids need independence and parents need the peace of mind that comes with knowing their kids are safe.

We created Gabb to give parents the best of both worlds:

A phone with everything a kid needs with none of the stuff they don’t!

If 2 out of 3 adults show signs of phone addiction, we can’t expect kids to develop healthy phone habits on their own!

You can think of Gabb as the training wheels or safety net around screen usage. Gabb Phones teach kids the skills they need to become successful, screen-savvy adults.

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Why do kids spend less time on their Gabb Phones?

Kids might point out there’s less to do on a Gabb Phone than a smartphone. As parents, we’d like to respond: that’s exactly the point.

Protecting Kids

1 in 3 kids is a victim of cyberbullying. To us, that’s not okay. We aim to help lower those odds and protect kids from online bullying. Cyberbullying is a complicated issue, and we’re working hard to prevent it alongside parents and teachers.

  • Social media is one of the main platforms where cyberbullying happens.
  • Social media can help kids express themselves, but it can also be dangerous.
  • 24/7 access to social media can mean 24/7 access to bullies.
  • We encourage families to make smart decisions about social media use together!

Give Kids a Phone They’ll Love

If your kid is embarrassed about their phone, they’re less likely to use it around their friends. As a parent, you need to be able to reach your kids when they’re away from home. Gabb Phones look like smartphones, so kids won’t get teased for having a different phone. While kids might not be excited about inheriting an old phone, they will be thrilled with a new Gabb Phone!

14 essential apps so kids live beyond the screen.

Stay Connected to Friends and Family

Sometimes getting together in-person isn’t an option. Kids can stay connected to friends after school, or easily talk with grandparents and other family members who may live out of town. Kids with phones can easily reach out to their support system and develop relationships with relatives who love them.

High-Quality Device, Affordable Price

At normally $99.99, Gabb Phones are a smart and affordable choice for kids’ first phones. Parents have heard all kinds of stories about what happens to kids’ phones: from running the phone through the washing machine, or dropping it in a lake, to simply losing it.

Luckily, a kid can mow a few lawns or babysit after school to help replace a normally $99.99 phone. Replacing a $700+ smartphone is a lot more painful!

Kid-Proof and Durable

Gabb Phones are built to be durable and to withstand daily use by kids. It’s still good to be careful, so we have a few tricks up our sleeves to really keep the phone safe.

Protective Cases

After you add the phone to your cart, you will have the option to select either a black or rose gold case. At $12.99, these thin and light cases can protect the device from the drops that will likely come.

Screen Protectors

Along with the cases, you can also add a screen protector for $9.99. This will help prevent scratches and cracks to the phone’s touchscreen.

Extended Warranty

The $4.99/month extended warranty covers damages from drops and spills. If you have an accident-prone kid, you might enjoy having the peace of mind.

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Reliable Coverage

Kids need a phone they can rely on. Built on the back of the nation’s most reliable network, Gabb Phones offer great coverage for starting at $19.99 a month! As a parent, you can contact your kids and know they’re safe even when they’re far from home.

If you want to buy the phone now and save it for a birthday or other special surprise, it’s easy to pause coverage for a few months until you need it.

We offer coverage throughout the United States.

Check for coverage in your zip code:

Raise Kids Who Live Life Outside the Screen

There’s so much more to life outside the screen, and we want to help kids live their lives to the fullest. We know that screens are no substitute for real human connection, the great outdoors, and so much more! Gabb kids spend 80% less time on screens, and that’s a win for many reasons.

Too Much Screen Time Lowers Grades

Studies show that the more time kids spend on screens, the more difficult it can be to get good grades. Kids might say they’re great multitaskers, but math homework and social media just don’t go together!

Active Kids are Healthier and Happier Kids

Playing outside, participating in sports, or exploring the outdoors are all great ways for kids to stay active! Moving around and getting outside helps improve kids’ mental health in addition to physical health. Kids need that vitamin D!

Real Life is Simply More Fun than Screen Time

Everyone is familiar with the allure of the screen, from babies to adults. It makes sense: screens are fun! However, as parents, we know that real life is even better. As kids learn to live life outside the screen, they’ll appreciate the skills they’re learning, the relationships they’re developing, and the memories they’re making: no screens required.

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  • The phone I ordered for my 10 year old son just arrived and I am beyond thrilled. As a parent who worries about online dangers kids face today, getting him this as his first phone was a no-brainer. Kudos to the awesome dad who saw the need and made this happen!

    Carla M.
    Mom to 10 year old, Dallas, TX

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  • I LOVE that she can communicate with me and friends anytime. I mostly love that once she’s done sending a text, she can put it away because there are no other distracting games or apps on it! She’s not constantly on her phone which is amazing!!!

    Samantha W.
    Mom to 12 year old Daughter, Fishers, IN

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  • In all the work I do with high schoolers, I don’t envy our kids in this world of hyper-connectivity. I am SO glad someone has finally done this. Long overdue, so this is the first time I’ve ever considered a phone for my kids! THANK YOU!

    Kristin B.
    Le Mars, IA

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    • I don’t have to worry and can focus on doing real-life stuff. The camera app is great for grabbing videos of skate tricks. And I like the voice recorder app for recording beats on my drums.

      10 years old

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    • I like my Gabb Phone because it lets me keep in contact with my friends and family. It has a really good quality camera, and few filters which are nice. It has a calendar that you can set events and schedules, and good sound quality with the recordings. Over all, it’s an easy to use and fun phone.

      Age 15

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    • I love the radio. I listen to music and funny talk shows. It just starts out my day, really happy and stuff as I’m going to school on the bus.

      12 years old

      View All.
    • I love the camera! There’s a bunch of different filters, rainbow and a bunch of types of filters. I like using the timer app so then I can see how long it took me to ride a trail or run.

      14 years old

      View All.
    • Sometimes I don’t charge my phone for the whole week and it’s fine. Texting or calling doesn’t really use that much juice.

      14 years old

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    • I like my Gabb Phone because I can text and call my mom when I need to. I also like the camera so I can take cool pictures. I feel safe when I take the phone to school.

      9 years old

      View All.
    • I like how it looks like an iPhone. It’s so easy to text. You feel protected so you don’t waste so much time on it. We’re hanging out and doing stuff with each other more.

      14 years old

      View All.
    • I’d rather have a Gabb Phone than a smartphone, it’s just a lot safer. There are so many things you can do on it. Like with the voice recorder, I record my songs and stuff that I like.

      14 years old

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    • Everything on the Gabb is so easy. Photos are easy to access. I can let my parents know I’m okay. I like it has no internet so I’m not getting into Snapchat and all that stuff.

      13 years old

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    • I like my Gabb Phone because it lets me stay in touch with my family, like my grandmother. It has cool stuff like a radio and text messages and helpful apps like a calculator. I like that it doesn’t have any social media stuff so I don’t have to worry about that.

      12 years old

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    • I like the video camera and camera. I’ve been taking pictures of cookies and cakes and brownies I’ve been making. I can also text friends and call them and which is so nice!

      13 years old

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      Phone Features
      Gabb Z2
      Gabb Z1
      Unlimited Talk and Text
      Group MMS
      Image Messaging
      No internet
      No Games
      No Social Media
      No App Store
      Display Screen Size
      5.5” - 720 X1 440
      5” - 720 X 1440
      Fingerprint ID Sign In
      Front 5MP, Rear 8MP
      Front 2MP, Rear 5MP
      Headphone Jack
      MTK 6761, Quad Core CPU 2GHz
      Quad Core CPU 1.3 GHz
      32 GB
      16 GB
      2650 mAh
      2200 mAh
      Essential Apps
      14 apps
      13 apps

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