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Who We Are

Stephen Dalby, an American entrepreneur and dedicated parent, decided to create a cellular network for kids after realizing there were no good options available for his son’s first phone. Stephen wanted to be able to stay in touch via call and text to know his son was okay.

After visiting several major phone retailers, the only options were expensive, high-tech smartphones. Kids don’t need unlimited Internet access and fancy features. Parents shouldn’t have to spend $700+ on a breakable device for a pre-teen. Gabb Wireless was created by parents to solve this problem.

Why we created it.

Protecting Kids

As parents, we believe that nothing is more important than protecting children. Every idea we conceive and every plan we make is measured by asking the question, “Will this help and protect kids?”


How The Phone Helps Protect

• Prevents exposure to inappropriate content

• Avoids distractions and screen addiction

• Reduces the likelihood of cyberbullying

Be fully engaged in helping kids ease into the responsibilities that come with tech.

Our Mission

Put simply, our mission is to protect kids and encourage life outside the screen.

Many parents from coast-to-coast who have already realized the danger of too much technology too soon. Gabb Wireless is not just a phone or a network—it is a movement to protect kids by providing age-appropriate tech solutions.

We hope you’ll join us.

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