Back-to-School Guide: Helping Your Kids Stay Safe and Productive

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The start of a new school year is a big deal. The transition from familiar to unfamiliar is a common source of stress and anxiety and a new school—or even just a new grade in school–represents a lot of unfamiliarity. 

Worry and concern come with the territory as a parent but there are things you can do to help your child stay safe and productive this school year. And that brings you a lot of peace of mind.

Safety is the foundation of our mission at Gabb so all of our devices are packed with features designed specifically to help parents keep their kids safe. Below we’ve highlighted some key features you may want to utilize on your kid’s Gabb Watch, Gabb Phone, or Gabb Phone Plus this school year to give you and your child a little more security as you turn the page to a new chapter.

Child Lock on Phone (aka Lock Mode)

Lock mode is a feature Gabb prioritized to ensure kids are connected, but not consumed. Through the MyGabb app on your parent phone, you can enable lock mode at any time to prevent calls/texts from everyone except the designated emergency contact. Lock mode also disables Gabb Go on Gabb Watch and Gabb Watch 2.

This means you can be sure your child’s device won’t be a distraction in the classroom while also keeping you connected at all times.

lock mode on phone

GPS location services (tracking and safe zones)

Every Gabb device comes with reliable GPS and tracking functionality. This is handy in a lot of ways but two of the most popular—and most applicable to a new school year—are safe zones and lost device tracking.

With safe zones, you can set up customizable locations through the MyGabb app on your smartphone to get notifications when your child exits and enters a specified area (e.g. school). You can also use the MyGabb app to help track a misplaced device’s general location then trigger an audible alert to pinpoint that device once you’re within earshot. It’s an easy way to determine if your child’s device is just buried in their backpack upstairs or was left at school.

No internet, social media, or app store

Although the absence of these features is technically not a feature itself, it is one of the top reasons parents turn to Gabb. The potential negatives of internet access, social media use, and addictive games are pretty well-known by now. But you need a way to stay connected to your children and safety settings on adult smartphones don’t bring the same peace of mind as a device without those options in the first place.

Gabb Music

Music is powerful. For good and bad. Inappropriate music can have negative effects on mature and developing minds, but the right music can be a great way to counterbalance many of the stressors and challenges of a new school year. 

Good music has been found to improve memory, energize and motivate the listener, and increase social connection and strengthen relationships. If that’s not enough good news, it’s also been found to positively impact identity formation, relegate and elevate mood, and improve sleep.

Gabb Music Donut Logo

The trick for parents has always been finding a good way to expose their kids to the benefits of music, while shielding them from the dangers. That’s pretty much Gabb Music in a nutshell. Built from the ground up with kids in mind, Gabb Music offers a safe music library curated from millions of new releases and top hits from all genres with the assurance that every song has passed rounds of digital and human review.

Gabb Messenger

One of the biggest benefits of school is the social interaction it gives your kids. But now, two decades into the 21st century, it’s hard to deny that at least some of that social interaction has spilled into the digital sphere, even for junior high and grade school kids.

Gabb Messenger is our built-from-scratch child messaging app that safely handles SMS (text), MMS (video/photo), and group chat. Features like parent monitoring, focus mode, and pre-emptive filtering allow children to connect with friends and family while protecting them from bullying, grooming, ads, and screen addiction.

Do your kids use the lock mode on their phone? Let us know in the comments how you like it.

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    This doesn’t seem to be an actual feature on the phone.

  • Gabb Wireless on Aug 15, 2022 04:23 PM

    Which feature are you referring to, Rodney?

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