There’s More Than Meets the Eye with Tyler Gordon’s Gabb Life Art Contest

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A competition to design the next T-shirt is just the first step in the grand vision for Gabb Life

When we asked 2020 Global Child Prodigy painter Tyler Gordon if he wanted to help us inspire people as a Gabb Life Ambassador, he immediately created his own Gabb Life T-shirt.

That’s how it started.

We thought, “Wow, more people should be doing this.” 

And then, “What if the Gabb Life T-shirts were created by the artists and athletes out there living beyond the screen?”

Yes, we were inspired. Tyler’s an inspiring kid. He was born deaf, but he learned to read lips so well that most people couldn’t tell (including his mom for a while). He had an experimental surgery when he was six and regained partial hearing. The first sound he remembers is hearing his mother’s voice. (Listen to the full story HERE: But then began the challenge of learning to speak. Tyler had a stutter, and so he was bullied at school. But he learned to overcome it.

At night, he’d sneak out of his room to watch his mother paint. Then one day when he was 10 — having never touched a paintbrush in his life — he asked his mother if he could try it. She gave him some black paint — the only color she could spare — and an old canvas, and left him be. When she came back 20 minutes later, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Young Tyler had painted a stunning, artistic portrait of his school principal. His first attempt.

It gets even cooler from there… But you should really listen to his Gabb-Cast episode with Collin Kartchner for the full story. Tyler has gone on to paint portraits for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliot, A-Rod, the entire Golden State Warriors basketball team and many other celebrities. In 2020, he was awarded the Global Child Prodigy Award.

Despite such successes, Tyler’s mission is to help others with their own art, because he knows how much it helped him. Each week he teaches a free art class on his Instagram account. And now, he’s hosting a contest to help inspire other young artists to create something the world will see.

And so, the first Gabb Life contest was born: The Gabb Life T-Shirt Contest

The concept is simple:

  1. Create your T-shirt art.
  2. Upload it to the website.
  3. Vote for your favorite designs at during November 1 through November 8.
  4. Gabb Ambassadors Tyler Gordon, Lexi Walker and Kelana Humphrey will pick the winners from the Top 5 finalists.
  5. Claim your prize and glory.

Get all the rules and details HERE:

This contest is just the beginning of a whole series of Gabb Life competitions.

So, if art isn’t your thing, how about skateboarding? Or surfing? Or skiing? Or music? Whatever your talent, we’ve got contests (and prizes!) coming for you. Including one big one.

Following the first five contests, Gabb Life will be conducting “The Search for the Next Gabb Life Ambassador.”

Gabb Ambassadors, like Tyler Gordon, are outstanding artists and athletes who help spread the message that it’s better to live your life beyond the screen. Did you realize the average American teenager spends more than 7.5 hours staring at a screen EVERY DAY? More than anything, we want to see these kids getting outside and chasing after dreams. Or just figuring out what their dream even is.

Gabb Ambassadors represent kids who are achieving incredible things through hard work and dedication, and who hope to inspire others to do the same. 

So The Search will be to find another one of these kids and support them in every way possible, including a huge cash prize, a billboard in their hometown, and year’s worth of support from Gabb Life.

So, yeah, we’re holding an art contest…. But really, we’re starting a revolution. 

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