What Makes A Safe Phone For Kids

Instead, look at what’s not included.
No safe phone for kids should come with:

While a safe phone for kids shouldn’t have these features, the truth is, even the safest phone can be used unsafely. As a parent, the responsibility is on you to explain safe phone usage.

Let’s take a look at the risks, as well as how you can talk through each with your child:

In most cases, you can avoid these unhealthy habits by choosing a safe phone for kids. Your second line of defense should be a heart-to-heart chat. If things get out of hand, don’t be afraid to chat with a professional.

Start with your school’s counselor. She might have insights you don’t into your kid’s phone use at school. Even if not, she’s used to having hard conversations with kids. And if she can’t get through to your child, she’ll be able to point you toward mental health professionals who can.

The good news is, some kid’s phone safety issues can be solved with simple accessories.

If you have decided to buy a kids phone, you can also look at investing in tools that your kid can use to regulate their own phone use. These accessories can make a safe phone for kids even safer:


You know what it’s like: When you’re using your phone, it’s easy to let hours pass by unnoticed.

Get your kid a timer, or ask them to use the stopwatch on their phone. Encourage them to self-monitor: If they get an hour each day to text their friends, they should start the timer at each session. Rather than clear it afterward, they can simply stop and restart it the next time they pull out their phone.

Time-release lock box

If your kid isn’t doing a good job at self-regulating their phone usage, it may be time to get them another accessory: a time-release lock box.

After an overuse violation, place your kid’s phone in the box. Once you set the timer, they won’t be able to access it until the buzzer goes off. Consider locking it for 24 hours for repeat issues.

On Amazon, these tools can be purchased for around $40. Manual, key-based ones can be had for as little as $13.

Phone case

Kids can be awfully hard on their things. And even with a safe phone for kids, mistakes happen.

Before your kid drops their phone, get them a phone case. Look for a durable, hard plastic case that can withstand a few bumps and bruises.

For the Gabb Phone, our rose gold case is a popular pick. For other models, phone cases typically run between $10 and $30.

Bluetooth headphones

Before investing in a safe phone for kids, ensure it can connect to external audio devices via Bluetooth. Not only do these devices offer better sound quality than the phone’s internal speaker, but they can keep your kid’s phone usage from distracting others.

Just be sure your kid knows not to wear headphones while driving or walking in public. Hearing what’s going on around you, such as emergency sirens, is important even with a safe phone for kids. Most bluetooth headphones cost between $15 and $250.

Screen protector

A great companion accessory to any safe phone for kids is a screen protector. A screen protector prevents scratches and cracks from damaging the display of your kid’s phone.

If you invest in a screen protector, make sure you know how to apply it yourself. Without careful application, air bubbles may sit between the screen and the protector. Not only are these unsightly, but they keep the touch screen from working properly.

You can get a screen protector designed to fit your kid’s Gabb Phone. For other models, look online. Screen protectors typically run between $5 and $20.


A safe phone for kids should be sanitary. A great tool to keep your kid’s phone from building up germs is PhoneSoap.

Using UV light, PhoneSoap kills bacteria and viruses living on your kid’s device. Encourage your kid to put their phone in PhoneSoap each night, or any time they bring it with them to the bathroom.

PhoneSoap starts at $79, which is a bit steep for a kid’s phone accessory. However, it should work with every phone in your family.

Still, there are some risks that can’t be solved with a simple accessory. Unfortunately, even a safe phone for kids can be compromised by cyberbullies.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Be Careful

    Children don’t respond well to grilling. If you come in swinging, your child may clam up.

    Here, phrasing is key. Instead of saying “Tell me who you’re texting,” ask if they’ve heard from their best friend recently.

    No safe phone for kids is safe without parental involvement. Communicate informally and frequently about your child’s usage habits.

  • Time is right

    When it comes to discussing phone safety with your child, timing is key. Don’t strike up the conversation first thing in the morning, right after school, or while they’re trying to do their homework.
    So, what are some better opportunities?

    • While you’re riding in the car together
    • When you witness a problematic behavior or cyberbullying
    • When you get your kid a new phone or accessory
    • While your child is relaxing on a weekend
    • When you’re eating a meal together as a family
    • When you’re taking a walk

  • Frame advice in terms of questions

    You know how kids are: If you try to tell them what to do, they’ll do the opposite. To make a safe phone for kids truly safe, give suggestions in the form of questions.

    For example, instead of saying “Don’t use your phone for more than two hours per day,” ask “How does a two-hour time limit sound to you?”

    If you get pushback, don’t be discouraged. Just keep asking questions. If your child disagrees with your time-limit suggestion, you might ask: “Why do you need to use it more than that?”

  • Present a united front

    You and your spouse disagree sometimes. Whether you can’t decide on a safe phone for kids or on certain usage restrictions, discuss these things in private.

    Any disputes, no matter how minor, may be exploited by your child. You’ve probably heard this in the form of “But dad lets me do it.”

    Don’t be afraid to pause conversations until you can check with your spouse. If you’re not sure whether he or she would agree with you, just say “Let me get back to you after I talk to dad.”

  • Practice an “open parent” policy

    Your kid should feel like they can come to you at any time, about anything related to their phone. If not, you need to make them feel comfortable doing so. This is part and parcel of providing a safe phone for kids.

    Make clear that you’re never too busy to talk to them. Never get angry with your child for bringing an issue to you. Tell them they won’t get in trouble for owning up to a rule violation. Otherwise, they may not be honest with you about what’s really going on.

  • Agree to always answer each others’ calls

    Part of what makes a safe phone for kids safe is that it offers a direct line to you, their parent. While you can insist that your calls must be picked up, remember that this cuts both ways: You also need to pick up all of your child’s calls.

    In some cases, this may conflict with other ground rules you set for your child. Perhaps they’re not supposed to use their phone in school. Well, if you need to contact them while they’re in school, it’s probably critical that they pick up. Explain that safety should always come first.

Getting a safe phone for kids is just the start. As with every other tool you give them, true safety requires healthy habits and behaviors. Bullies don’t give up just because they see a certain device in your child’s hands.

Be the parent you’d want to have. Check out the Gabb Phone, get them the accessories they need, and chat through the challenges. Even the safest phone for kids is no substitute for your support.

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