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Deana Mitchell featured Gabb Wireless on VOA on January 7, 2020 with the following story:

Alani Parker, a young mother of two girls, found out that one of her daughters was being inappropriately targeted by an adult man on a social media platform designed for kids. Because of this experience, Alani didn’t want her kids to own their own smartphones, but she still wanted to be able to stay in touch with them throughout the day. That’s when she found Gabb Wireless—a cellular network created just for kids. Their phone, the Gabb Z2, looks just like a smartphone, but doesn’t provide access to the internet. Kids can make phone calls, send texts, and use several other kid-friendly apps like a calendar, calculator, camera, and a clock.

Gabb founder, Stephen Dalby, said, “The average high school student is coming home [from school] with almost 5 hours of screen time consumption. [Gabb Wireless] has created devices that really are advocates for living life outside of the screen.”

Alani Parker’s daughters were so excited to get their Gabb Phones, but her daughters friends did not feel the same. When Leila (13) told some of her friends about her new phone, they responded, “Wow, that’s just really basic. Your mom must be mean!” Leila, however, knew that her mom got her a Gabb Phone to protect her.

Gabb has made it possible for Alani to stay connected with her kids while unplugging them from outside distractions and threats.

Watch the full story of Gabb Wireless on VOA at this link!

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