A Safer Cellular Network and Phone for Kids

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Gabb is the first safe cellular network and phone for kids. Gabb’s founder and CEO, Stephen Dalby, was back in Utah this morning to visit with Ashley Stevens, host of “Fresh Living” on KUTV. They talked about the urgent need to be more careful in how we as a society introduce technology to kids. Watch the full story here.

Stephen Dalby

Founder at Gabb Wireless

Stephen Dalby is the founder and CEO of Gabb Wireless. Growing up in Minnesota, he enjoyed playing ice hockey, baseball, and waterskiing in his youth years. He received his bachelor's degree from BYU-I in business management and a master’s degree in education from Michigan State. Stephen spent twelve years in the classroom with teenagers before he had the idea and the mission to build Gabb Wireless. With his wife, Jana, he is the proud parent of 8 children! Through Gabb, he is committed to ensuring families have safe phone choices in this digital age and will continue to promote kids to live life outside the screen!

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