• Does Gabb Wireless require a long-term contract?

    We’re focused on our mission to protect kids while providing the best customer service experience possible, so no long-terms contracts are required. You can start or stop your Gabb service anytime.

  • How do I know the service will be reliable?

    Gabb Wireless is built on America’s leading 4G LTE network. That means our users enjoy reliable connectivity and the largest coverage area possible.

  • Can you guarantee the phone is really safe?

    We can’t control whether or not your child’s friends have potty mouths while texting, but we have done everything possible to create a safe technology environment for your son or daughter.

    We offer unlimited talk and text, but no browser, no app store, no games and no social media. These limitations are designed to protect kids from harmful content and harmful behaviors while still enabling them to connect with friends and family in a healthy way.

    (Oh, and one of the nation’s leading mobile technologists tested the Gabb Phone to make sure it is unhackable—and it passed with flying colors.)

  • Can I add a Gabb Phone to my family plan?

    Not on your current carrier. The Gabb Phone is designed to operate on the Gabb cellular network—a complete ecosystem designed to keep kids safe.

  • What are the features of the phone?

    In addition to talk and text, the Gabb Phone provides users with an alarm, a calendar app, calculator and FM radio. We’ve also included a 5 MP back / 2 MP front camera since we know how important it is for kids to take pictures.

  • Is the phone really under $100?

    Yep, just $99—including activation and shipping.

    We think it’s a little silly to give a 10-year-old an $800 phone that is going to be treated rough and knocked around, so in developing a device, we really wanted to keep the cost low so it would make sense for kids and be reasonable for parents.

    We’ve partnered with ZTE—the world’s fourth-largest handset manufacturer—to create the Gabb Phone. They caught the vision of our mission and helped us create a really high-quality device at a price point that makes sense for kids and their families.

  • What is the right age to get my child a phone?

    The answer to that question is different for every family and for every child, but as more and more families cut the cord with traditional at-home phone service—and as parents have become increasingly concerned about their children’s safety and accessibility while outside the home—we’ve seen the age of the first phone become increasingly lower.

    Whether that age for your family is 8, 10, 12 or 14, we believe that a child’s first phone should be a phone first. The Gabb Phone and Gabb network are designed to provide parents with peace of mind while giving kids the freedom to enjoy unlimited talk and text without the distraction or dangers of browsing, apps, games and social media.

  • What is not on the phone?

    To provide parents with peace of mind while eliminating the need for clumsy parental controls (which many kids seem to outsmart), we’ve eliminated the browser and app store from our devices.

    That means you don’t have to worry about harmful content, online predators, gaming addiction, or the stress and anxiety that come with social media.

  • Where can I purchase a Gabb Phone?

    Right here! All our sales are done online through this website, just click here.

    Once we receive your order, your phone will be provisioned and shipped directly from our warehouse to you—all ready for your child to talk and text their heart out.