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5 Non-Screen Winter Activities Your Kids Will Love

Friday, 8 January, 2021

Jana Dalby

Winter is a tough time for everyone, but nobody more so than kids. The frigid temperatures and limited sunlight makes...
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Tyler Gordon: The Gabb Ambassador Honored for His Artistic Prowess

Friday, 11 December, 2020

Jana Dalby

To be honest, we thought Tyler Gordon was going to be on the cover of Time Magazine. From thousands of...
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Defend Innocence Deserves Your Support This Giving Tuesday. Here’s Why.

Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Jana Dalby

After the dust settles on your Black Friday shopping, consider using some of that money you saved to do good....
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Gabb Days of Giving: Raising Awareness of Teen Mental Health for the Holidays

Friday, 20 November, 2020

Jana Dalby

As wonderful as the holidays are, they can be awfully stressful. Never has that been more true than in 2020....
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Gabb’s Mission: More Control, Fewer Distractions

Friday, 18 September, 2020

Stephen Dalby

At Gabb, we spend a lot of time talking about kids’ phones. There’s nothing wrong with that: It’s what we...
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We’re on a Mission to Keep Kids Safe

Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

John Rampton

As parents, we know kids can be vulnerable to many things, and we want to do everything in our power...
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5 Ways Dads Can Make Mother’s Day Great

Thursday, 30 April, 2020

Stephen Dalby

Mother’s Day 2020 is certainly going to be like none that came before it. You may have to forego the...
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Protecting the Phone That’s Protecting Them

Wednesday, 15 April, 2020

John Rampton

Giving your kids a cell phone is a big step, but it’s one that parents decide to do with kids...
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Welcome to Gabb

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019

Stephen Dalby

I'm Stephen Dalby, and as the founder of Gabb Wireless, I want to welcome you. Not to our website or...
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Phone Features
Gabb Z2
Gabb Z1
Unlimited Talk and Text
Group MMS
Image Messaging
No internet
No Games
No Social Media
No App Store
Display Screen Size
5.5” - 720 X1 440
5” - 720 X 1440
Fingerprint ID Sign In
Front 5MP, Rear 8MP
Front 2MP, Rear 5MP
Headphone Jack
MTK 6761, Quad Core CPU 2GHz
Quad Core CPU 1.3 GHz
32 GB
16 GB
2650 mAh
2200 mAh
Essential Apps
14 apps
13 apps

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