After the Holidays: Fun Winter Family Activities

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We’ve rung in the new year; now it’s time to take down the tree, finish the last of the holiday treats, and reassemble our school supplies. 

That’s right- it’s time to say goodbye to the holiday break and hello again to school, work, and all the craziness that comes with it. 

We mark the holiday break as a time to relax, recharge, and reconnect with our families. Must all this be put to the side once we’re back to the hustle and bustle? 

Connection and time with the family are sustainable priorities throughout the entire year. If you need some ideas to keep the family ties after the holidays, here are a few, courtesy of Gabb Wireless

Winter Fun: Ideas for Connecting with Your Kids

The holidays may be over and done, but winter is still alive and well in many areas. Continue to take advantage of the snow and the dozens of activities available to families during the winter season:

Snowmen Contest: 

Split into teams or have every man for himself. Enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition between the family- who can make the tallest, roundest, friendliest, and most creative snowman. 

Ski Day: 

Who doesn’t love a day on the slopes? Whether you’ve been skiing or snowboarding for years or fresh off the beginning training course, this is a great activity that encourages family bonding and support to try out that next-level run. 

Boy Skiing with Gabb Phone

Winter Festivals: 

Fancy some hot cocoa, lively music, and fabulous holiday lights? Many local winter festivals continue after Christmas up to the new year. So wrap up warm and take the family for a fun evening out. Check your city websites to find public holiday events and festivals for you and your family to enjoy.

Cozy Night In: 

Snow and outdoor fun is great. But after a long day, every family can benefit from a warm, relaxing activity at home. Cook up the family-favorite dinner and enjoy a lively night of board games around the table. Or put on those cozy pajamas, pop up some popcorn, and make it a family movie night. A warm night indoors can be just as fun as any other winter activity. 

Family Igloo: 

An activity that requires real teamwork, igloo-making is an excellent winter pastime for the entire family. Take time together afterward to enjoy your work by sharing a holiday treat or a warm drink inside the igloo. Then, so long as the weather holds up, your kids will have a fun hideout and place to play right in the backyard.

Sledding Saturday: 

Time to pull those toboggans from the garage! Before the local snow starts to wither away, make sure to enjoy a Saturday out in the fields and on the hillsides for some amazing sledding fun. Top the day off with some hot cocoa, and you’ll have yourself a perfect winter day with the family.

sledding kids

Ice Skating: 

If you happen to have an ice rink in your area, don’t hesitate to make this a part of your family’s winter experience. The winter season holds many traditions and staple pastimes- ice skating is definitely one of them. So put on those matching hats and scarves, lace up those skates nice and tight, and enjoy a lovely time out on the ice with the family.

Indoor Sports: 

Basketball, Racquetball, Pickleball, even Hockey. The list of indoor sports is almost endless. Spend the afternoon at a local gym playing recreationally with the family, or enjoy a night out at a major league game. Winter sports provide great opportunities for the family to spend quality time together. 

Stick to Your Screen Resolutions:

It can be challenging to maintain the family connection after the holidays. Everyone returns to their busy schedules, and making time for quality family activities is often easier said than done. Moreover, it can be easy to revert to screen time to keep the kids calm and entertained. But rather than falling into the trap and never-ending cycle of screen dependency, commit to your resolutions for less screen time and more family time. 

Use these ideas as tools and resources for engaging and connecting activities for the whole family- all of which require little to no screen time. Challenge yourselves to keep your phones at home or in the car when you are out with the family. Be present without distractions, and encourage each family member to do the same. You will quickly notice a dramatic difference in the family dynamic when pockets and hands are void of tech and personal devices. 

We hope the very best for your families in the new year! May your newfound balance with technology fill your homes and time together with laughter, conversation, and quality connection. 

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