Gabb Phone Plus: The Next Step In Kid-Safe Tech

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Parents today are faced with a unique challenge. 

Protecting our kids from the dangers of social media, excessive screen time, and the internet in general is a challenge past generations never had to consider. But smart devices (and everything you can access through them) also provide opportunities and benefits that past generations never could have imagined. Keeping your kids from them forever isn’t realistic.

You know your child and what they’re ready for. We provide the tools that help you introduce them to the digital world at a pace appropriate for them. That’s why we’re big proponents of approaching tech in steps.

Gabb Watch and Gabb Phone provide safe first steps into the digital world. Both are “locked-down” devices that allow you to stay connected with them before they are ready for social media, internet access, or other features. The new Gabb Phone Plus is the next step in that progression. 

It’s still Gabb safe–no social media, no internet, no games–but Gabb Phone Plus is a premium phone built to grow with your child by allowing you to add additional apps as your child is ready for them.

Gabb Phone Plus combines Samsung quality and Gabb safety 

One of the most immediately obvious benefits of Gabb Phone Plus is its premium quality. The all-metal frame gives it improved durability, and the slimmer profile feels great—especially in kid and teen hands.

Swipe through the menu, pop open apps, or watch videos on the vibrant edge-to-edge Infinity Display and you’ll see immediately that this is the phone for kids who want an adult smartphone but aren’t quite ready for everything those bring. It looks and feels like the best phones available today. 

The Gabb Phone Plus comes with a 5 MP front camera and 8 MP back camera and top-tier Samsung processing power gives the images crisp, clear resolution. Samsung also delivers a long-lasting battery so you can stay connected with your kid, even if he or she isn’t perfect at recharging regularly.

All of this is combined with Gabb’s world-class safety.

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Apps they want, and that you don’t need to worry about

You can rest assured that Gabb Phone Plus will never come with social media or other unsafe apps. But you’ll also be excited to learn that we’re actively curating the best in kid-safe apps so you’ll have the option to add the apps as their needs evolve. 

That growing list of apps will include both custom Gabb apps as well as 3rd-party apps. 

We’ll never enable access to an app that hasn’t been Gabb-vetted for safety. But we know kids change everyday, so we want to make sure your child’s Gabb Phone Plus can grow with them. 

Those apps will be curated from the following categories:

  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Travel/Maps
  • Team Sports
  • Spirituality
  • Productivity

In addition to that forthcoming list of safe apps, Gabb Phone Plus comes pre-installed with these 14 apps:

  • Gabb Music
  • Gabb Messenger
  • Gabb Cloud
  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • My Files
  • Settings

Gabb Music

Gabb Music is one we’re especially excited about. Recently released, it gives your kids the largest (and always growing) clean music library of hits, classics, and new releases from every genre and era. We don’t bleep or blur. If it isn’t age-appropriate then it isn’t included in the library. 

And with Gabb Phone Plus, your kid will also be able to upgrade to Gabb Music Plus (coming soon), which allows them to customize their own playlists, search for specific songs, and download tracks directly to their device. 

teen listening to gabb music

Kid-first technology

The last decade or so has been a pretty big learning experience for all of us. 

Tech innovation opened up the world in unprecedented ways, both good and bad. It’s fair to say that the general innovation trend has been to push to see how much we can do, with a lot less thought put into what the implications might be. Especially for kids.

As the negative implications of an increasingly digital world have become more clear, most have responded simply by tacking on some safety settings to tech clearly designed for adults. 

Kids deserve better. 

Gabb Phone Plus is what happens when kids are the first thought in tech innovation. Because as a parent, you deserve tools made for them.

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