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As parents, we all want to protect kids from danger on their phones. Become a Gabb Advocate and share the positive influence our phone has on a child’s life. You are a force for good and can start protecting children and empowering parents in your area, today.

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We get to donate $10 to Defend Innocence every time a phone is purchased from an Advocate.

Help kids avoid danger on their phones.

When children are exposed to too much technology at a young age, they can suffer from serious risks like anxiety and depression, an inability to connect with others, addiction to sexually explicit content, and sexual predators. Did you know…


of 10-year-olds have a smartphone with unlimited access to the internet, adult apps, and social media. Common Sense Media

1 in 5

youth between the ages of 9 and 17 view unwanted sexual material online.
Journal of Adolescent Health

Our Program is simple.


It’s free and there’s no risk! As an Advocate, you’re the voice of hope parents are seeking. Your influence will make a difference in more ways than you’ll ever know.


Join us and we will reward you with $25 for every phone purchased using your unique promo code — and we will donate $10 to Defend Innocence to prevent child sexual abuse. It’s a win for everyone.


Hope is in demand! Share Gabb and empower parents to raise kids who can thrive in today’s world. Invite them to join us and together we’ll make an even bigger difference.

We’re committed to protecting children.

Proactive parents need strategies to keep kids safe online and the technology to make it happen. Gabb Wireless and Defend Innocence are are partnering to make it a reality.


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Become a Gabb™ Advocate.

You really can make a difference. Join us and help protect children, empower parents, and connect families. You hold the power to make a significant shift in your community and help make safe phones the new normal.

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