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We believe some really important things you should know about.

First, we believe that nothing is more important than protecting children. Every idea we conceive and every plan we make is measured by asking the question, “Will this help and protect children?”

Second, though the technological advancements of the past couple decades have done a lot to help society, we believe that giving kids too much technology too soon is really dangerous.

We know things now we didn’t realize when smartphones were invented. For example, we know excessive screen time reduces cognitive scores in children, that gaming contributes to the obesity epidemic, that predators use technology to lure in unsuspecting kids, and that overconsumption of social media causes stress, anxiety and depression that young people are not equipped to deal with.

Third, as parents ourselves, we believe we must be fully engaged in helping our kids ease into the responsibilities that come with technology. It’s on us to keep them safe and help them develop healthy habits.

Put really simply, our mission is to protect children, connect families and encourage life outside the screen.

Our mission has resonated with parents from coast to coast who have already realized the danger of too much technology too soon. Gabb Wireless is not just a phone or a phone network—we are a movement to protect kids by providing age-appropriate technology solutions.

We hope you’ll join us.

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